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Laws of Government 1.1

September 12, 2008

The following is a set of basic laws, or principles that the United People believe our government should follow.

Each law below must be upheld by the government, so long as it does not break laws prior to itself.
Since this is a first draft, it is most definitely subject to change, and discussions and searches for loopholes are appreciated.

1. The government must conserve all forms of human life from physical abuse and from death, unless that human has intentionally killed another human lifeform, in which case the government may exercise punishment.
2. The government must conserve all human property(to the best of its abilities) from theft, vandalism, and damage by other humans, except in the case where protecting that property would directly interfere with the first law.
3. The government must preserve all human rights that do not interfere with the first two laws.
4. The government must provide only the most basic services(military, police, firestations, orphanages) Beyond those basics, services should be left to the supply and demand of a free economy. All services provided by government or by the economy must obey the first four laws with respect to other human beings. Any service that can be carried out in the private sector, without breaking the first law, should not be a government service.
5. Taxes should only be as high as is needed to cover the cost of maintaining the first four laws. All people should be taxed equally, and that tax should be as low as possible.*


*The United People currently favors a flat 15% tax on profits.