Congress, progress, and failure.

Failure. It’s a word people use to describe lots of different things in life. If a company venture doesn’t work out, they call it a failure. If the economy is bad during an administration, they call it a failure. If the pizza comes out of the oven burnt, they call it a failure. And if the cake at the wedding reception falls all over the floor, they call it a failure.

Our Congress and President often try so desperately to stop failure, but what they don’t realize is that countries which try to prevent failure end up halting progress. And just like trying to stop a vehicle on a steep hill covered in ice, not moving forward often leads to moving backward.

Failure is a sign that ‘you’re doing something wrong’. If a beekeeper goes out to the hive and picks up the honey combs without any gloves, he receives a few bee stings and learns to wear gloves next time. The United States did not succeed at every thing with the very first try – we have adapted through failure.

All that anger directed at the private industry for ‘greed’ and ‘bad decisions’? It’s actually the government’s fault. It’s a little known fact that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were actually created by the government. And now the government wants to reward foolish behaviour both in the GSEs and in the private industry? Rewards for failure, regulation against success. People often talk about the government taking over Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as if ¬†they are not government controlled already, which is simply not true. There were many attempts over the past few years for reform in the two GSEs, but an agreement was not reached.

Here is an interesting book from 2004 that argues to privatize Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Failure happens. Alot of questioning goes on, as it should. Americans have a right to know why the failure happened and where it happened. But commonly spread rumors that go unresearched are both dangerous to our economy, and to our freedom.


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