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Republicans issue an apology

February 25, 2009

Recently, after another well orated Obama speech, Republican Governor Bobby Jindal issued a bit of an apology on behalf of the Republican party.

Could it be that the Republicans would like to return to their small government, freedom for all principles?

Apparently not. They critisized Gov. Jindal, pretty severely. If the Republicans won’t bring economic freedom back to this nation then we, the American people, will. Conservatives don’t need to become more liberal – Republican politicians need to remember who they are representing.


Economics of Bailouts – article link

February 25, 2009

A short article, Real Jobs Create Wealth by John Stossel.

And a more detailed economic evaluation of the bailout, Does Government Spending Increase Prosperity? by Percy L. Greaves Jr.

These economists make a good point – moving production around doesn’t make everyone happier, it just makes the people who receive those jobs happier. It doesn’t make consumers happier, either. Would you willingly surrender 3,300 dollars to increase government subsidies on family planning, or to spend on local roads that the state government is already charging you income tax to maintain?

Most people wouldn’t.  That’s why massive government spending doesn’t make everyone happy – it just makes the government happy. If you want to make everyone happy, give them their $3,300.33 back in a tax credit. (1 trillion divided by 303,824,640 American citizens.) In some community colleges, that is a years worth of school or more.

It’s called supply and demand, and it’s the best way to create jobs that make everyone happy – consumers and producers. Not just government officials, or the people in their states’ industries that they’d like votes from.

A Bailout Bill Getting Worse: Protectionism

February 20, 2009

Members of Congress are adding ‘Buy American’ provisions to the 900 billion bailout bill. Obama opposes protectionism, for good reason, as it creates massive unemployment both here and abroad, and higher prices for everyone in the global economy. But unfortunately for Obama, some members of  Congress are from steel industry states, and are pushing union special interests. 

Is this a contest to see how fast we can destroy the global economy? Let’s wait and see if China officials can make an even worse bill.

Here’s John Stossel’s take on the ‘Buy American’ provision.

Two worthwhile articles

February 11, 2009

A Full Scale Assault on Capitalism” transcript of Rush Limbaugh

We Can’t Spend Our Way to Prosperity” by John Stossel.

There is not a consensus that we need a recovery plan from the government to stimulate the economy.

John Stossel on Freedom in Healthcare

February 2, 2009

An interesting read: John Stossel on healthcare.