Economics of Bailouts – article link

A short article, Real Jobs Create Wealth by John Stossel.

And a more detailed economic evaluation of the bailout, Does Government Spending Increase Prosperity? by Percy L. Greaves Jr.

These economists make a good point – moving production around doesn’t make everyone happier, it just makes the people who receive those jobs happier. It doesn’t make consumers happier, either. Would you willingly surrender 3,300 dollars to increase government subsidies on family planning, or to spend on local roads that the state government is already charging you income tax to maintain?

Most people wouldn’t.  That’s why massive government spending doesn’t make everyone happy – it just makes the government happy. If you want to make everyone happy, give them their $3,300.33 back in a tax credit. (1 trillion divided by 303,824,640 American citizens.) In some community colleges, that is a years worth of school or more.

It’s called supply and demand, and it’s the best way to create jobs that make everyone happy – consumers and producers. Not just government officials, or the people in their states’ industries that they’d like votes from.


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