Inflation on the Horizon?

President Obama and congress are spending money we don’t have. National debt has now reached over 11 trillion.

Inflation is really just a fancy word for printing money, and it is an infamous way for politicians to pay off national debt. However, whenever there is more of something, it becomes worth less. For example, there are very few diamonds in circulation in the US market, so it is worth alot. There is alot of food in circulation, so it is not worth as much.  The more money the US government prints, the less your money is worth. Each person in the US owes around 36,000 dollars in national debt(including minors). When the government inflates, the more US dollars you own, the more you will pay of the debt, because the money you have will no longer be worth the hard work it took for you to acquire it. It’s a little bit like taxing every single person who has an American dollar. 

Once the money is worth less, it is easier for the government to pay off the national debt. If, in an extreme case our government printed enough money that 35 billion dollars($35,000,000,000)  would only buy an egg(Like Zimbabwe currency does), then it would only take 314 eggs to pay off our national debt. But at the same time, you would be paying for the debt, because as you work, you gain US currency, and that currency becomes devalued.

Here’s an article about hyperinflation.


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