Pie, Bread, and Socialism

Yum, pie. Just thinking of pie makes my mouth water.

Do you have pie? I do. I just had a big slice of blueberry pie a little while ago, and let me tell you: It was incredibly delicious.

I’m sorry if you don’t have any pie. It’s just a fact of life: Not everyone has pie. There are probably some people in poverty stricken countries that have never even heard of pie. Their ignorance of pie could perhaps be explained by the fact that most of them don’t eat on a daily basis.

Poverty stricken countries share one trait – a massive government. At first, you know, it always starts with some kind of a revolution(peaceful or violent), with the charismatic leaders claiming how everyone would have equal rights to the pie under his regime. It always seems like such a great idea for awhile. But look at the USSR now – look at India now. The government wanted to give everyone pie, but somewhere along the line this envisioned Utopia was broken.

Why is that, you might ask? Well, let’s look at this from an economics viewpoint. And to make it easy to think about, let’s think in terms of pie.

Think about the little red hen. Let’s say her master(whom I will refer to as ‘Farmer John’)  gave her complete economic freedom. She went out, found some wheat, and then looked for business partners in making some pie. Unfortunately, no other farm animal wanted to do any work. So she made just one pie alone. Yet in the end, everyone wanted to eat some pie, even though there was less of it due to the other animals not contributing. Farmer John didn’t let them take her pie from her, though, so she ate most of it and gave some to Farmer John as a tax. The other animals saw how the little red hen was rewarded for making pie, so they helped make pie in the future, and there was more than enough for everyone, since Farmer John didn’t confiscate more than 10% of their pie, no matter how much pie they made.

Now think of what would happen if Farmer John said ‘Everything belongs to everyone!'(cough, cough, socialism, cough) Well, the little red hen, being the industrious young fowl she is, would go out, find some wheat, and then look for business partners in making some pie. Of course, the other farm animals are still as lazy as ever. She goes ahead and makes the pie alone, but lo and behold, once again the other farm animals wanted to eat her pie. This time Farmer John forced her not only to give him some as a tax, but to share the remainder with the other animals. The little red hen didn’t like this treatment of her, and began to resent it. Soon she began eating bird feed given to her by Farmer John and quit making  pie altogether.

Now, since she quit making pie and giving some of it to Farmer John as a tax, Farmer John was no longer able to afford bird feed. So the whole farm yard began to starve. In order to stop himself from starving, Farmer John eventually used some animals as slaves, and ate the others.(cough cough, like the slave camps in the late USSR) Of course, in order to keep his animals from getting out, he had to set up a fence, and hire people to watch the animals(cough cough, NKVD, tight border control in the late USSR)

And that’s how a big government leads to the decay of an entire nation,  and eventually to people in those countries starving and in being in poverty.

The moral of the story: When everyone owns the pie, there is less of it. And the only way to even make such a pie is slavery.(required community service hours, anyone?)


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