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5 Freedoms You’d Lose in Obamacare

July 28, 2009

CNN, for once, is telling the truth about a corrupt government’s lies.
Check it out.


The Government’s Killer Healthcare Plan

July 27, 2009

Have you read the healthcare bill draft?

Well, I have. And to tell you the truth, there are some very disturbing parts in there, including a very long and confusing section about “Consultation and Information Regarding End-of-Life Planning”. End of life planning? Since when have Americans ever planned to die? Do you go to the doctor and say “Well, this treatment for my wife is so expensive, I think you should just give her some pills to keep her from feeling pain until she passes away…”? No! Of course you don’t. But if this healthcare bill passes, the government will tell you “We will only pay for pills to keep her from feeling pain until she passes away.”

Here’s a few direct quotes that are particularly revealing of congress’ thought process. The following are some of the more easily understood quotes. Congress has a habit of muddling words…

“The Secretary may limit consultations regarding an order regarding life sustaining treatment to consultations furnished in States, localities, or other geographic areas in which such orders have been widely adopted.” Along with the other 1000 pages, this line will probably mean that states will not receive federal funding for senior citizens who are in bad condition. And as such, it will not be long before all ‘States, localities, or other geographic areas’ accept such orders, and thus make it so seniors do not have a choice regarding vital life sustaining treatment.

“The term ‘qualified individual’ means an individual who a physician (…) determines has a chronic, progressive illness and, as a consequence of such illness, is as likely as not to die within 1 year.” Why do they even have to define someone who is ‘as likely as not to die within 1 year’? It is difficult to find the parts where they mention denying care(the bill is 852 pages long!), but they shouldn’t even have to define this term unless they are planning on denying them care.

Of course, they won’t ever call it ‘care denial’. You will simply have to join a waiting list like everyone else. Waiting lists in socialized healthcare range from months to years, so if you are in vital need, being added to a waiting list as a senior is essentially the same thing as having your healthcare denied!

Call your congress now and save our seniors. There’s more at stake here than deficits and taxes – there are human lives at stake. Don’t give the government the power to take away our very lives.

Cato Institute Commentary on Obama’s Regulations

July 3, 2009

President Obama thinks the solution to every problem is more government… but that theory breaks down against a problem caused by government regulations.

Check out Cato Institute’s commentary on our financial problems.