Hypocritical Michael Moore…

Michael Moore(who is a millionaire: http://www.mooreexposed.com/) seems to think our economic crisis is capitalism’s fault. A truly free capitalist economy is predictable, and when you don’t screw with it, bad things don’t happen. People work, they get paid, they buy stuff, they hire employees, they build stuff. Yes, occasionally one part of the economy goes down to make room for a new one.

But the massive job losses we are seeing have causes from government, not from freedom. Free people don’t have to lay off workers. Free people make more money, not less. This is a historical truth. Over and over again in the history of government, it has been free people who make the most product, not oppressed people.

Here are some examples of how our ‘saviors'(the government) are actually stifling growth:

Minimum wage. This increases the amount you have to pay your workers. Paying your workers more means fewer workers. Loss of jobs. Thank you, DNC…

Housing bubble. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were BOTH founded by the government, however often you try to pin the blame on the private economy. They are called GSEs, AKA “Government Sponsored Enterprise”. And guess what? Now General Motors is a ‘GSE’, too! Makes you feel better knowing that, right?

Automobile market crash. Funny thing about this, is that Honda is doing just fine. They opened a new plant last fall, here in America.
Why is that? Because they don’t have to pay American taxes! They are based in Japan.

Gas is so expensive, right? At least that is the free economy’s fault! Well, guess who isn’t allowed to drill for oil? That’s right, Americans. Do you know what the American government taxes oil companies for?

Massive taxes. They’ve never helped growth, and yet this administration sure does enjoy raising them.


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