Arizona and Immigration?

Just look at all these sob stories.

At this rate, Democratic congress members will try to pass a law that makes it legal for illegal immigrants to live here. I don’t have a problem letting them live here – free trade is great! In fact, I want everyone to be able to come to American and work.

But we need to get rid of welfare and minimum wage first, or else the consequences will be dire:

1. Once they are legally living here, they will be eligible for wealth redistribution. This will increase the demand, without increasing the supply(since the government can only get 19.5% of GDP). Meaning we will have to mortgage more grandchildrens’ futures.

2. Minimum wage laws. The demand for minimum wage will shoot up by however many millions of them there are, without increasing the supply of such jobs. And unemployment will greatly increase, both among the capable illegal Mexicans and among our own poor people.

3. They will be able to vote. And with one party giving them wealth redistribution, amnesty, and minimum wage, who do you suppose they will vote for?

I would love to allow everyone to come to America – that is how this great nation was built! But allowing everyone to come to America to take someone else’s pie is very different from allowing everyone to come to America to bake their own pie.

Check out IMAO’s post about it.


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