A Nation of Taxation

The United People of America holds that we need to reduce the average tax rate from around 25% to 15%, and make it a flat tax rate for all Americans. A person should be not be taxed more if he works more, and neither should a person be taxed less if he works less.

The rewards from using this tax rate;

  1. Increases incentives for Americans to produce more, thus leading to a stronger economy and a better American lifestyle.
  2. Puts a halt to class warfare.
  3. Allows everyone to decide what to do with their own money.
The way that our federal taxes are being spent now can be found here: http://www.wallstats.com/deathandtaxes/
We could lower our average taxes by almost a third if we simply cut any project that is not for national defense or the department of justice. An interesting prospect… 

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