The United People have no ethnicity, no class, no religion, no sexual orientation, and no special interests. We wish to create an American government where each person is free to pursue their own passions, so long as those passions do not impede upon other peoples’ rights. The United People holds strongly to a few key points:

  • Unlimited Economy

The United People strongly disagree with government regulation of the economy. All types of government regulation on the economy hurt the American people, by encouraging business to move to other countries that are more free to do business(such as China), and by taking hard earned money to spend on inefficient government programs that the private industry can do on its own.

  • One ‘Size’ Does Not Fit All
The United People know that one ‘size’ of government cannot fit every single person’s needs. This is why we favor state created regulations over federal regulations, county regulations over state regulations, and city regulations over county regulations.
Federal government
The United People strongly disagree with massive federal government programs. These programs cost everyone money, and because they are nation wide, are inescapable. The United People know that the federal government has just a few jurisdictions that it can regulate efficiently: transportation, immigration, currency, and national defense.
State government
The United People disagree with any kind of regulation that favors one class, ethnic, religious, sexual, or scientific view over another. We wish to have state representatives who understand that what is best for one type of person is usually not best for everyone else. We want to see a state government that is carefully governed by a set of rules that ensures no one’s toes are stepped upon, and that everyone is free to practice rights that do not directly impede upon another person’s life, property or freedoms.

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