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Wealth Redistribution Explained – Hilarious!

April 30, 2010

Check out this hilarious video!


Why Stimulus Isn’t Stimulating

January 9, 2010

“There is no stimulus. Stimulus is not possible. Government stimulus mathematically, economically, is not possible. You can’t stimulate an economy by taking 50 million out of it and then putting the 50 million back in. You can’t stimulate an economy by borrowing 50 million and then throwing it into the private sect…or, ’cause it’s all coming from the private sector.” – Rush Limbaugh

Politicians should be forced to take a ton of mathematics and economics courses.

The other problem, of course, is that anything the government does with redistributing wealth is 70% inefficient. They lose about 70% to overhead(70% has been the number as calculated by several different organizations over the last couple of decades)

So when you take 100% of 50 million from the economy, and try to put it back in, you’re only giving back 15 million. The government must realize this – they have all the numbers. Stimulus is not only not useful, it is harmful!

The trouble is that liberal politicians(including Republicans!) don’t see the economy, and the country, as an equation. If you take something from one place, it is subtraction equal to(or greater, with 70% government overhead) whatever you add back in.

Ultimately, the government can only create incentives for people to make the equation contain more goods(such as the promise to protect you from others’ stealing your goods, otherwise you have no reason to produce), and those incentives are worth the small price to pay for defense and police. But beyond that, they do more harm than good, because when they take your goods beyond a certain low tax(most everyone can feel these high taxes), you have a disincentive to work harder or produce more, thus lowering the overall amount of goods in the equation.(and creating unemployment, lately!)

The Statist’s Problem Solving Method

November 9, 2009

The statist’s line of thought is as follows:

1. Problem that needs solving, I don’t want to deal with it
2. Lets get a government solution to the problem
3. New problem comes about because of government solution, I don’t want to deal with it
4. Lets get a government solution to the problem

And that’s the cycle of government throughout history. Until, of course, people finally recognize that the government is the problem. And then there is usually bloodshed. And then some influential people take control. Luckily for us Americans, those influential people wrote the Constitution afterward. Unfortunately, not every revolution has leaders who are so wise, or so willing to give up their own power once the old government is gone.

The History of Government in 10 minutes

November 2, 2009

An extremely informative video about various types of government. It teaches you more about several types of government than you can read in several history books combined.

Hypocritical Michael Moore…

October 13, 2009

Michael Moore(who is a millionaire: seems to think our economic crisis is capitalism’s fault. A truly free capitalist economy is predictable, and when you don’t screw with it, bad things don’t happen. People work, they get paid, they buy stuff, they hire employees, they build stuff. Yes, occasionally one part of the economy goes down to make room for a new one.

But the massive job losses we are seeing have causes from government, not from freedom. Free people don’t have to lay off workers. Free people make more money, not less. This is a historical truth. Over and over again in the history of government, it has been free people who make the most product, not oppressed people.

Here are some examples of how our ‘saviors'(the government) are actually stifling growth:

Minimum wage. This increases the amount you have to pay your workers. Paying your workers more means fewer workers. Loss of jobs. Thank you, DNC…

Housing bubble. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were BOTH founded by the government, however often you try to pin the blame on the private economy. They are called GSEs, AKA “Government Sponsored Enterprise”. And guess what? Now General Motors is a ‘GSE’, too! Makes you feel better knowing that, right?

Automobile market crash. Funny thing about this, is that Honda is doing just fine. They opened a new plant last fall, here in America.
Why is that? Because they don’t have to pay American taxes! They are based in Japan.

Gas is so expensive, right? At least that is the free economy’s fault! Well, guess who isn’t allowed to drill for oil? That’s right, Americans. Do you know what the American government taxes oil companies for?

Massive taxes. They’ve never helped growth, and yet this administration sure does enjoy raising them.

Fear Tactics? I’m ‘Afraid’ You Have The Wrong Approach, Mr. President…

August 16, 2009

American citizens are being pointed out to the government as right wing extremists(a.k.a. people who disagree with this administration’s radical agenda), and are receiving unsolicited emails from David Axelrod at the White House. Fear is the tactic of this administration. Apparently there is a ‘list’, and the White House is required to keep all information sent to it in emails(including a ‘right wing extremist’s’ email address), and release it to the public record later.

That’s one way to stifle free speech: Spam the email boxes of your opponents with propaganda! As Hitler put it, “If you say a lie often enough and loud enough, people will believe it.”
And isn’t that the truth. The White House is trying it now, and are ranking themselves among bot nets and spammers. Remember what that ‘report spam’ button is for? Yea, they will be blocked from Gmail soon.
Get the story on Fox News:

That’s one way to stifle free speech: Spam the email boxes of your opponents with propaganda! As Hitler put it, “If you say a lie often enough and loud enough, people will believe it.”

The White House administration is trying it now, and is ranking itself  among regular low life spammers. Remember what that ‘report spam’ button is for? With any luck, Google will stop them from spamming Gmail users soon!

Get the story from Fox News. Second source from the American Thinker. Third source from Hot Air.

5 Freedoms You’d Lose in Obamacare

July 28, 2009

CNN, for once, is telling the truth about a corrupt government’s lies.
Check it out.

The Government’s Killer Healthcare Plan

July 27, 2009

Have you read the healthcare bill draft?

Well, I have. And to tell you the truth, there are some very disturbing parts in there, including a very long and confusing section about “Consultation and Information Regarding End-of-Life Planning”. End of life planning? Since when have Americans ever planned to die? Do you go to the doctor and say “Well, this treatment for my wife is so expensive, I think you should just give her some pills to keep her from feeling pain until she passes away…”? No! Of course you don’t. But if this healthcare bill passes, the government will tell you “We will only pay for pills to keep her from feeling pain until she passes away.”

Here’s a few direct quotes that are particularly revealing of congress’ thought process. The following are some of the more easily understood quotes. Congress has a habit of muddling words…

“The Secretary may limit consultations regarding an order regarding life sustaining treatment to consultations furnished in States, localities, or other geographic areas in which such orders have been widely adopted.” Along with the other 1000 pages, this line will probably mean that states will not receive federal funding for senior citizens who are in bad condition. And as such, it will not be long before all ‘States, localities, or other geographic areas’ accept such orders, and thus make it so seniors do not have a choice regarding vital life sustaining treatment.

“The term ‘qualified individual’ means an individual who a physician (…) determines has a chronic, progressive illness and, as a consequence of such illness, is as likely as not to die within 1 year.” Why do they even have to define someone who is ‘as likely as not to die within 1 year’? It is difficult to find the parts where they mention denying care(the bill is 852 pages long!), but they shouldn’t even have to define this term unless they are planning on denying them care.

Of course, they won’t ever call it ‘care denial’. You will simply have to join a waiting list like everyone else. Waiting lists in socialized healthcare range from months to years, so if you are in vital need, being added to a waiting list as a senior is essentially the same thing as having your healthcare denied!

Call your congress now and save our seniors. There’s more at stake here than deficits and taxes – there are human lives at stake. Don’t give the government the power to take away our very lives.

Inflation on the Horizon?

April 17, 2009

President Obama and congress are spending money we don’t have. National debt has now reached over 11 trillion.

Inflation is really just a fancy word for printing money, and it is an infamous way for politicians to pay off national debt. However, whenever there is more of something, it becomes worth less. For example, there are very few diamonds in circulation in the US market, so it is worth alot. There is alot of food in circulation, so it is not worth as much.  The more money the US government prints, the less your money is worth. Each person in the US owes around 36,000 dollars in national debt(including minors). When the government inflates, the more US dollars you own, the more you will pay of the debt, because the money you have will no longer be worth the hard work it took for you to acquire it. It’s a little bit like taxing every single person who has an American dollar. 

Once the money is worth less, it is easier for the government to pay off the national debt. If, in an extreme case our government printed enough money that 35 billion dollars($35,000,000,000)  would only buy an egg(Like Zimbabwe currency does), then it would only take 314 eggs to pay off our national debt. But at the same time, you would be paying for the debt, because as you work, you gain US currency, and that currency becomes devalued.

Here’s an article about hyperinflation.

Government Spending Versus Private Spending

March 29, 2009

The following is a step-by-step logical proof that private spending is more efficient than government spending when it comes to increasing the happiness of all private citizens. All logical conclusions are derived using basic economics.

1.) Every dollar the government spends is a dollar taken from the private industry. Thus we must decide which is most efficient in increasing the happiness of private citizens.

2.) Private business salary is based on performance, as their customers directly feel the actions of private business. Thus private business participants have incentive to increase the happiness of all of their customers for minimum price, where their customers make up the entire economy. Giving more resources to the economy as a whole improves the personal situation of a private business participant. Money given to a private business participant goes directly back into the economy. They first spend money on what their customers want, and then spend the remaining profits on themselves(both of which stimulates the economy and increases the happiness of all of their customers). They have to please all of their customers to guarentee themselves future employment.

3.) Government officials’ salaries are based on the amount of money they acquire for their next campaign, as their customers do not always directly feel the actions of government officials. Thus government officials have incentive to increase the happiness of the customers who vote for them, where their customers are only a  percentage of the economy. Taking more resources from the economy as a whole improves the personal situation of a government official. Money given to government officials does not go directly back into the economy. They first allocate large amounts of money for themselves, before spending the remainder of the money on what they want to buy(which does not always increase the happiness of their customers) They only have to please a certain percentage of their customers to guarentee themselves future employment.

3.) Private business participants have to please all of the citizens in the economy to guarentee future employment, whereas government officials only have to please a percentage of the citizens in the economy to guarentee future employment. Thus private spending is more efficient than government spending when it comes to increasing the happiness of all private citizens. Q.E.D.

For example, consider any government industry. See all of the flaws? Compare government education to private education. There’s a reason that one has a better reputation than the other: Incentives.