The United People holds a set of core foundational beliefs concerning what is right, and what is wrong, what is beneficial, and what is destructive, in the government.

  1. Taking property, life, or liberty from any human being without that being’s consent is both wrong and destructive to the American dream, whether for a good effect or not. This behaviour includes, but is not limited to; abortion, welfare(redistribution of wealth), and socialism.
  2. Immigration builds our economy and our country. The United people firmly believe that Immigration should not be limited, with just a few forms to fill out agreeing to live by American laws for whatever period of time an immigrant is here. This transfers all the productivity of other less free countries to our country, making us stronger, more successful, richer, and happier(as it always has for all immigrants to the United States)
  3. More regulation leads to a weak economy. Ever heard the phrase “Well that industry is all going overseas now.”? There’s a reason those jobs are going to people in other countries: higher taxes and fewer economic liberties in the USA. Protecting people from other people is good, but there comes a point where corporations bogged down by American regulations will simply leave the country(such as manufacturing going to China, avoiding regulations and unions in the USA). Such an event is worse for the American people than having poor worker rights, as it is better to eat and work a job you don’t like, than not to eat with no job at all. The United People proposes striking out many of the regulations in place today, and lowering the minimum wage to increase the number of small businesses in America. Think about it: If a person is willing to work for a lower price instead of being unemployed and without food, shouldn’t the government let them? What right does the government have to effectively send our jobs to countries with no minimum wage, putting us out of jobs and into the unemployment lines?

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